Stay motivated and feel your best, even if you stay at home!

Stay motivated and feel your best, even if you stay at home!

I have worked from home a little in the past but since 2020, like many, I have been at home full time. Outside of the boutique, Krista and I have a day job too! So, we totally get how being at home all the time can get you in a rut. For me, that meant doing less and less to get myself ready for the day. Which doesn't help you feel motivated or very good about yourself.

I have tried many things in the past two years to help make myself feel more myself and put together. Especially for those last minute “mom I forgot_____” (everything, she forgets EVERYTHING) calls sending me to the school. I love being home full time and being here for my family more. But, I do miss dressing for the day and meeting with other adults every day.  Here are my daily tasks that really help me feel good and motivated for the day. I loosely follow the Fly Lady cleaning method with my daily routines and rotating what I try and clean each day. You can find so many ways to implement Fly Lady cleaning; I just use it how it fits best for me.

The first thing I try to do is dress for the day even if I do not plan step a foot out of my house. This may seem like a waste of time to some, but for me it makes a huge difference in how I feel and how productive I am. Even if I chose something comfortable, I make sure I wouldn’t mind going out in public in what I am wearing. My go to is, and will forever be, leggings but I also love dresses.

All pieces above are in our boutique! (American Lay Tee, Zenana Leggings, Pink Tie Tank, Judy Blue Shorts)

Second is doing my full skincare routine (don’t forget night time too!), light make up, and (probably still a bigger struggle for me) do more with my hair than a messy bun! But, I do love throwing on this corduroy hat on those crazy hair days!

I have been loving The Ordinary skin care products! My go to skin products from The Ordinary are Hyaluronic Acid, RetinolPeeling Solution, and Moisturizer. I only use the peeling solution and retinol once in a while in a rotation, not everyday. And for light make up, I throw on this BB cream mixed with Glowtion, cream blush, a little concealer, light eyeshadow, and some mascara! I just bought this Telescopic mascara and LOVE it! This make-up routine only takes me about 5 minutes!


Third is a little tidying of my house, this really helps me feel less distracted. I clean up my bathroom sink area after my morning routine. Make my bed, put away all the clean dishes (I always try to make sure the sink is clean and dishwasher is ran before bed), and then throw in one load of laundry.

My goal is to complete these 3 steps before my youngest wakes up. It’s so much easier! I used to be a morning person but, since going to full time at home, this has changed a lot and it is harder for me to get up early. But she loves to bring all her hair and makeup toys in the bathroom and gets ready with me! She also loves to help put dishes away and clean, for now anyway. My oldest liked this too and wore off by the time she was able to do it on her own so we will see how it plays out. 

This takes me a lot longer when she joins but just look how cute she is! 

Another thing that really makes me feel good is having my nails done and having a nice tan! So, I started doing my own dipped nails! Check out my DIY nail blog for my step by step! And I use this B. Tan self tanner every week after using an exfoliating glove (don’t skip this!)

Part of opening the boutique was to help other women find clothes that make them feel great! The other part is just women supporting women. Just because our name is The Mom Loop, it doesn’t mean you have to be a Mom to shop with us or follow us! It just means we have a lot of experience in that area to share and is where some of our passion lies! We love being mothers and raising our children but, we also know some of the challenges moms face through different aspects of motherhood. And will be experiencing more as our children grow!

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