Space Saving Game & Activity Storage

Space Saving Game & Activity Storage

I love organizing and having things in their place, but that can get expensive with all the special containers and such. So, I do my best to create an organized space that is budget friendly. One of the areas that drove me crazy in my home was all the games and kids activities! Some of our board games were older and boxes started to fall apart. It made them so hard to store. Not to mention, keeping all the pieces together! I had to do something in my smaller home to make space for all these games.

I came across these mesh zipper bags that I’ve seen used for storage. They won’t break the bank and can easily store our games. I ordered extra of the larger size bags (9x13) because of the bigger board games. Once the bags arrived, I got to organizing!

I started out with our basic games. I have always moved these around because the boxes would just be piled so high and are difficult to keep neat and out of the way. The boards fit in the bag too, except for the scrabble board because I ran out of the largest size! Back to Amazon!! Any cards or smaller pieces were put together with rubber bands or smaller bag. With puzzles I cut the picture out of the box and put in the bag with the puzzle.


For example, Monopoly has cards, money, houses, dice, and the players pieces. Cards are rubber banded together, money is rubber banded together, and all the other pieces are in a smaller mesh bag! No more pieces sliding all over in a broken box.

I then labeled them with my label maker…If you know me, you know my obsession with this thing goes back years! I now have a Cricut machine that’s even better, but for this I stuck with simple labels.

Now all my games fit in these canvas totes I had on hand. I would love to have a place to do something a little different, but for now they fit nicely in my craft closet where we can pull them out easily! I wish I had thought to take a before picture to really show the difference this made.

Of course, I couldn’t stop there! I moved onto my youngest daughter’s room. There are tons of things in boxes and small pieces everywhere. So, I used my bags for this too! This is great for all of her educational activities and many other items. It provides a lot of extra room on the shelves!

Now, I keep these mesh bags on hand to use anytime we get something new! This really helps contain mess these games can cause! 

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