Simple Family Cleaning

Simple Family Cleaning

   If you know me personally, you know that I like a clean and organized home. This doesn’t mean my house is always perfect; trust me! I struggle keeping things the way they were before I had a family, but I have found some simple strategies to getting things done! Just because you have kids, doesn’t mean your house can’t be clean. These are 3 things I do to keep my house in order.

Realistic schedule

   Honestly, a cleaning schedule is the number one thing that keeps the tidiness  moving in our house. I have it printed, laminated, and taped to the inside of our cleaning closet. It not only lists out daily tasks, but it also gives monthly, and quarterly tasks. I think many times the woman in the house is expected (by family, but also by her own standards) to keep the house together. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or you work outside the house, this is just not a simple task. We put way too much on ourselves, and the load can be overwhelming. A schedule posted for everyone to see, creates the idea that cleaning is the job of every single person that lives there!


This is a realistic schedule. It’s not full of hours of cleaning, but instead gives boundaries of what needs done that day.


   Now, this has been a hard one for me for many years. I love trying out a new product. However, this always ends up costing me money, and a cluttered closet. In effort to elimated unnecessary products, and to save money, I use two very cheap products when cleaning anything. White Vinegar and Fabuloso. Vinegar is a naturally disinfectant, yet is harmless to people and pets. However, just cleaning with Vinegar and water does not give me the scent I like. This bottle of Fabuloso has an amazingly clean smell! My husband loves it as much as I do, and I always get so many compliments when people come to my home. It’s easy to mix up in spray bottle or mop bucket. Many times though, I like to fill my kitchen or bathroom sink with hot water plus those two products, and just use a cleaning cloth to wipe everything down. Filling it in your sink really makes the smell go further! 

Young Kids Cleaning Schedule

   The last strategy I think is really important, is having a kids chore chart for your toddlers.  Now, I know many people have different opinions on whether kids should get paid for chores or not. This is just my opinion, and I don’t think there’s only one right way. My husband and I decided to pay our kids for each chore they complete in an effort to teach them how to manage money. Our 4 year old is expected to do his daily chores, and at the end of the day we hand him the money he earned. Typically for his age, his chores consist of making bed, getting dressed, picking up clothes, doing his lesson for the day, etc.

This one is so simple!

   We usually give a dime or quarter depending on the chore. He has an option to add his money to his savings, spending, or give away fund. I think it would be a great class in school, but it’s not in their curriculum. Parents need to take it into their own hands to raise children to handle money to the best of their knowledge. Besides the teaching aspect of this, giving kids a list of responsibilities can also help you! 

   There’s a sense of accomplishment for a woman when your house is not only clean and organized, but you’re also teaching life lessons to your children…and husband. ;) These are just the simple strategies I use for my home, but feel free to post a cleaning and organization tip on our Facebook or Instagram page! 


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