Tips to an Organized Fridge!

Tips to an Organized Fridge!

   You’ve probably noticed the "fancy fridge” trend on TikTok and instagram by now!  Yeah it’s fun to watch a fridge restock and somewhat satisfying, but I’m here to tell you this does not have to be extreme and costly! Some of these videos show nothing but processed, pre-packaged snacks. Unless they have 20 kids, there is no way they eat all of that food. To each their own I suppose, but I prefer to have less waste and more healthy choices for my family. Ever since I’ve been old enough to have my own home, I’ve always loved having a well organized fridge. However, I always keep myself on a strict budget so I like to keep things simple. Here are some tips to keep your fridge esthetically pleasing. 



   First, I don’t do anything without having my shelves covered with some kind of liner. It makes the overall look of the fridge clean, and I’ve also found this helps with spills and messes. It doens’t matter how careful I am, there is always a spill or stickiness somewhere in there! (The pickle jar is probably the worst for me). These are the liners I use because you can buy them in bulk! They will get dirty so I like to change them out every quarter. 


Fruit Jars

   My cousin would want me to give her credit to this next tip! She likes to get all the credit in my blogs LOL! Store your fruit in these cute mason jars with plastic tops! Whenever I buy a bunch of fruit for the week, I throw it all in the sink and fill it with water and vinegar. I’ll let it sit there for a while as I’m preparing the mason jars, by throwing a paper towel at the bottom to soak up any excess water. Afterwards, I lay out some towels and let the fruit dry for about an hour. Once they are completely dry, I’ll throw them in the mason jars. This is the best way to be sure your fruit is thoroughly cleaned and stored to last weeks!! No joke, fruit does not go to waste in our home because of this trick.


Reusable Pouches

   My kids LOVE apple sauce and yogurt in the pouches! I struggled with this one because they are so convenient and easy for the kids to grab. However, the plastic waste bothers me, and buying a box of these is a lot more expensive than buying a tub of yogurt! So, I found these reusable pouches online and they have been a great purchase! The cost is about $12 for a pack of 10, and there are tons of kids designs. The kids love them and they wash up easy! I buy huge containers of applesauce and yogurt to fill them up at the beginning of the week. They also look nice in the fridge door, and ready for an easy to go snack! :) 


Eggs and Veggies

   I’ve always hated leaving my eggs in the cartons. I’m sure this sounds silly, but something about putting them in a bowl changes the esthetic of your fridge. You can grab a bowl you already have, or pick up a cheap one from the thrift store. Throw your eggs in there, and sit them on the top shelf. Better yet, sit them in there gently. ;) Same thing for your fresh veggies, like bell peppers. I like to wash and place them in this bamboo bowl so they are ready to use. I also think having them sitting out makes it more “in your face”.  You are more likely to let them rot and go to waste if they are thrown in one of the drawers. 


Freezer containers

   The last tip I suggest doing is using freezer containers to store commonly used food. For example, we go through chicken nuggets and fries like crazy in our home. I gott tired of trying to keep the bags closed tight enough to preven freezer burn, so I picked up some of these containers. They stack easy in your freezer, and they are also clear so you can see what you’re getting low on.

   I’m sure many people may read this blog and think this is the dumbest thing ever! Haha! “Who cares what your fridge looks like!” Well, for me, it has nothing to do with how someone else sees my fridge. It’s all about how it makes me feel, and I like to feel clean and organized. For some reason, the refrigerator is something that just makes me feel this way! Maybe it will for you too?


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