Sports Mom Bag

Sports Mom Bag

I didn't grow up playing sports, and neither did my husband.  So when our daughter started showing interest in sports, I felt a bit lost. I tried to watch others and find my place as a “sports mom”.

It started with tap and ballet, she hated tap! She moved to gymnastics and in 2nd grade, she started sideline cheer. Now at the end of her 7th grade year; she plays softball, volleyball, sideline cheer, and competitive cheer. With her favorite being softball! It seems we are always in a sports season. I love going to watch her and have even coached two years of sideline cheer through the past few years.

My 7th grader :)

One thing I have always thought about is, what I should take with me. Anyone that knows me knows, I am a planner and an over-packer! Way back to weekends with my dad, I’d bring my whole bedroom (lucky for me, he had a truck). I just hate to not have something I may need! 

What I pack in my mom bag (lets be honest... BAGS) has changed over time and depends on which sport and what stage my youngest is in (this is definitely getting less involved as she grows). Since we are sliding into softball season with my daughters first season game today, I thought it was a perfect time to share my “mom bag”. All her game days are double headers so I need to be prepared to be at the ball field for 4+ hours each time with a toddler! 

I will break it down into four categories. It's a lot, I know but you can use this as a starting point removing or adding things that work for you!

1. Essential backpack

This goes to the field with me and has all the items I need on hand easily it is half packed with things for my 3 year old. And though she is potty trained, extras are still a must!  

  • Cooling Towels (These are wonderful! I take extras and just wet down as needed)
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses 
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hand Wipes
  • Rain Jackets
  • Rain Ponchos
  • Sweatshirts (not pictured but a must even in the summer!)
  • Chapstick
  • Hair ties
  • Small First aid Kit (Bandaids, antiseptic wipes, neosporin)
  • Bobbi pins
  • Toddler items
    • Wet bag
    • Wipes
    • Change of Clothes
    • Leggings
    • Coloring items
    • Flash cards (I shared these in my previous blog, check it out here)
    • An active activity, I love these foam dice we got from Target! We can roll them for her and she acts like the animal that is rolled.

    2. Just in case car bag

    This is something I’m doing more recently so I have more than I need at the game but don’t necessarily have to lug it out of the vehicle. It has more specific items I can grab depending on weather or seating at a location. I have a first aid kit that is a bit over the top so today, I decided to leave it in the car at the game for the first time in the last 3 years and it’s the first time I really needed more than a bandaid…go figure! This may seem like a lot to take for some but, my oldest is prone to injury. So I like to have everything. I actually grab this for various outings aside from sports. 

    • Towel (you never know when you may need this! I actually keep one in my car all the time)
    • Bleacher Cushion
    • Picnic blanket (this is water proof on one side)
    • Hot Hands (I know its summer but I just keep it with my bag all year)
    • Umbrella
    • Stadium Blanket
    • Beach Clips (I used these more when my toddler was younger to block sun with light blankets on the stroller)
    • Large First aid kit (this has instant ice packs, ace wrap, medicines, bug bite med, stinger remover, etc...)
    • Items for the car specific to a toddler..
      • Potty Seat (this is a must if you are driving more than 30 min with a small child which we do often. Bu, you never know if there will be Porta Potty that is usable.)
      • Bags for the potty seat I wuse these for trash more than the seat but they are handy!
      • Baby wipes
      • I love these water proof pads and have carried them around for diaper changing. Now I put one under the potty in the car just in case.
      • Hand sanitizer


    3. Food/drinks

    One thing I am working towards is less waste and being more cost effective which means NO bottled water and very minimal zip lock bags. We each have a cup or water bottle and we have a couple water jugs. I never seem to pack enough snacks because every moment we are there, my youngest is hungry and wants another snack, much like at home! I like having a soft sided cooler and I use the thin ice backs between the layers of containers to save room. Not having water bottles in there helps too!


    4. All the extras!  

    The big items we take are more specific to softball since we are outside and there are no bleachers. .

    I love our wagon since it folds and the telescoping canopy is perfect! You can even lower it with the canopy attached to protect your stuff in the rain. The tote that hangs on the end and acts as a cover once folded is perfect to store my backpack and extras. I just keep them in there ready to go for the next game rather than attaching it to the folded wagon. The all terrain wheels are a must. I will say I would love a wagon that has the stroller option like this one! Find the wagon I use here, we use this for many things like the Zoo, walks, Cedar Point, so many uses!

    I broke down and bought this chair last year because we started with double headers that season and with my bad back, I just cant sit in the basic camp chairs that long. this is very comfortable and it rocks! I do with I had spent a little more to get the one that folds up and has a shoulder strap like this one here

    I grabbed these fans in the middle of the season last year because I noticed my daughter hogging her friends. Today my daughter just sprayed everything wasting the water but it kept her entertained so I can't complain!! 

    A hat is really helpful in addition to sunglasses! Check out my favorites here for sunglasses and a stylish ball cap!! And of course, dressing for weather is a must! It was so hot when the game started and then the sun went down behind the trees and the breeze kicked up. It got so chilly! 

    I sometimes still feel like I'm missing something while also feeling too much like a pack mule! But, I would much rather be over prepared than scrambling for things. I hope this helps you with your mom bag whether you are a new sports mom or have been doing it for years, we can all learn from one another!



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