Teaching Littles the Love of God

Teaching Littles the Love of God

   When my husband and I starting having children, we talked a lot about the important things we wanted to teach them. Of course, the normal education is important, but life is so much more than just math and science. We strive to teach our kids the love of God. This could look different for many people. Not everyone believes the same way. But, if you want to learn some tips on how to teach you’re children the Love of Jesus, then continue reading. I have to say, my mom and dad did an AMAZING job at these, and it has been the one constant in my life. 

   Our kiddos are still pretty young, so it can be hard to really explain God to them. An obvious way is finding a church you love. It’s okay to look around for one you feel comfortable in. Look at the youth group and find out how they are teaching. You won’t be able to find the perfect place because, well nothing is perfect. However, you could give your time and see how you can help the church. How you can make a difference. For example, if they don’t have a youth group, see if you can start one! Volunteer to babysit in the nursery. A church requires help from everyone. It really can be an amazing community. 


   Another way to teach your little ones about God is through prayer. It took us some time for this one, but we have got in the habit of having them pray before they eat and sleep. An easy prayer for toddlers to learn is “ABCD Thank you God for feeding me.” It’s easy to remember and teach, and it’s to the point. It’s also easy to teach them to pray for other people. Our 4 year old will pray for his sibling when he isn’t feeling well. “God please help my brother feel better.” It’s so simple, and it gives them a sense of being thankful and asking for help when needed. This prayer book is super cheap and great for kids. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free.


   I’m guessing as an adult you still have a song that helps you remember something?? For me, it’s the United States song. If I were to have to list out the states, you better believe I’m going to be singing “Fifty Nifty United States…” Songs and tunes help us remember easier.  Pandora offers so many options for kids songs, but if you want a CD, my kids seem to love this one. (It’s only $1.99)  I also remember learning a lot through games. This memory game is great for little ones, and also helps me see how my memory is as an adult lol!! Sometimes it’s a bit scary! As a teenager I really enjoyed the Trivia games. My family loves game nights.

Kids books

   Of course, finding a kids Bible is a must. The adult versions of a Bible can be overwhelming for many people. A child can’t really understand those readings, so they would benefit from a book like this one. For me, reading these as an adult has also helped me learn. This Bible is easy to read and makes it simple to understand. Another book I highly recommend is this precious moments bedtime book. My mom read this to us every night! I honestly can remember details of these stories very well and I’m willing to bet my siblings can as well. This book teaches kids how to be kind to others no matter how different; How to ask for help when needed; It teaches them not to just trust in other people, but in a higher power; To learn that life is not just about themselves.  Which is what Christianity is all about.

   Again, I realize every family will have different views on religion. Every family will have different priorities. However, for my family, this is an important, non negotiable value we will always strive to teach.

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