About The Brand

Let us introduce ourselves! Our names are Cassie and Krista, and we have been the best of friends for 20 plus years. 2020 was the year where just about everyone’s lives changed in one way or the other. For us, it was the realization that we were tired of the corporate world. We wanted to find a career we would not only enjoy, but be able to enjoy together! Living states away from each other, The Mom Loop became a way for us to work together daily. It's not only a Clothing Boutique but also a place to discuss everything that goes along with being a wife, mother, and entrepreneur.


When I'm not working with Cassie on the boutique, I'm with my husband and two boys (ages 1 and 3). I also foster kids of all ages. Therefore, the majority of my time is spent being a wife and mother, but I also love reading, binge watching tv shows, and hanging out with extended family. Above all, my faith in God is what holds everything together. 


I'm a wife and mother of two girls (ages 3 and 13). While being a mom of a toddler and teenager creates its own excitement in life, I find myself always looking for new projects. In my free time I enjoy doing various crafts. I also spend a lot of my time traveling to see family and friends. I love having a flexible schedule that allows me to be involved with my family as much as possible.